The first book of 2020

  • It is the first out of 52 books planned for this year (though again I’m hoping to exceed. In 2019, I read 61 books).
  • Corresponds to the letter B of my #AlphabetSoupChallenge
  • Fits into the Icy category of my Book Bingo Challenge as some of it takes place in winter; one of the character freezes nearly to death
  • It has a strong friendship theme, a meaningful love, and fits into “written in first-person” – and what an interesting narrator it is. It’s the category I’m ticking off for this book for sure, the narrator is superb and original.
  • It also happens to be on the BBC list of books to read.
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The last reads of 2019

Happy Bookish New Year! May it be joyful, prosperous healthy and filled with great reads.

Before I introduce the first completed book of 2020, yes I’ve already got one, I wanted to mention some good reads of the end of 2019. Two books were actually standouts for my end of the year reading forays.

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Christmas books

Christmas is upon us and I am yet to reread Christmas Carol…but I’ve been pondering a few other things. There is an impressive list by ProWritingAid team here:

I am reading things off this list and just some thoughts.

And also, I want to wish everyone a Happy Christsmas / Happy Holidays / Season’s Greetings.

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The Illustrated Man

I’ve read Cormac McCarthy’s the Road – I really am rather taken with it, it is dreamlike, drearily poetic and bleak but I loved the father and son, very much so. In that bleak, dead world they are two figures who bring colour into it. The boy is meant to be more, I guess, a symbol of renewing love and forgiveness. He is decidedly opposed to his father resorting to violent means – which he does to protect the boy. Great contrast there, I thought, i loved them and felt for them. I couldn’t pick up another thing for a bit but after moping around for some 48 hours, I decided to get on with Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man.

Curious premise. A man whose skin is full of pictures that come alive at night. He has stories in them.

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Reading challenges 2020

I want to join these three challenges in 2020 for more fun:



I will keep them on separate pages under “Reading Challenges” on the navigation menu.

I am also reading things from this list:

Find more reading challenges here:

Reading challenge 2019 completed

The year 2019 has brought me back to reading after a period when I neglected it. The work that had the most impact on me in recent time was Fahrenheit 451 and its original version, the Fireman. It was THE book that made me realise that I should read as much as I can. The photo on top, the quote is how I feel about books and reading. I want to share what I read via blog and via Instagram, – trying to make photo sessions for books has become something of an engaging activity for me. I like it, it’s fun. There is much to be said against social media, but I believe in their good sides. They enable sharing.

So, below are some highlights from my 52 books challenge. I am looking for new reading challenges for 2020. Reading 52 books can get tricky. Sometimes, you get too busy, sometimes too tired…I do find that I Iose focus. Also, I think I need to reread a lot of my older faves and some classics. I already can’t wait until I reread some books in the list below! But there also still so many new. exciting, lovely books to read.

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